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    Attracting the best talent is a question of information and analysis. It requires a data-driven, knowledge-generating answer. 

    HR Focus

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    The key to creating the best teams is aligning personality, experience, and culture.

    Building the right team

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    Robust data, powerful analytics, and evolving algorithms can help you peg the very best candidates.

    The Right People

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    Learn about the evolving science behind predictive data analytics and how it leads to better decision making.

    Importance of proper fit

Pegged Software uncovers the best talent in your applicant pool to find the best fit – for your company, your job, and your team.

Is Pegged Software right for you?

Pegged identifies candidates who fit the highest probability of success in a select position, based on algorithmically generated, statistically significant data.

As the Pegged application matches candidates and positions, the models' predictive capabilities continuously improve through a dynamic machine learning process.

The results are dramatic reductions in turnover, growing retention and improved organizational outcomes across the board.

A Few of Our Customers

Director of Human Resources,
Lifebridge Health

"Our results indicate a higher level of retention, with a reduction of 60 day turnover by 51%,"

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